A New Skincare Adventure

With Handpicked Arctic Ingredients


Made of Greenland – Naturally Handpicked

Our mission is to preserve and protect natural beauty and health by employing the unique nature of Greenland. There is a very high demand for our products internationally as consumers demand organic products made of natural ingredients.

InuaCare believes that it is not just about looking better anymore. It is about feeling better as your skin can also be seen as a mirror to your true health.

We bring a unique opportunity for customers to not only feel but become revitalized every day. Living in today’s modern society, meeting high physical and mental demands, calls for more robust natural care than we’ve seen before. InuaCare is that care.

Now we are introducing

NEW improved formulas

Early 2021

Naturally handpicked and carefully controlled

Inuacare produces premium skin- and haircare products based on our own extracts from handpicked Greenlandic plants that grow in the wild and untouched nature.

All of our products are naturally handpicked and carefully controlled. We produce products from the earth created in the Greenlandic nature that is uniquely pure from outside pollution.

We have production facilities in Greenland and Denmark where we have teamed up with DermaPharm who is the innovative market leader within eco-friendly skincare in Scandinavia. They have won several awards for their pure, high-quality, certified skincare products.

“We specialize in making our own distills of plants from natural native sources in Greenland using the finest equipment.

Based on our greenlandic plants and herbs we produce steam distills and ethereal oils in our laboratory in Qaqortoq”

Pipaluk Nielsen, Co-Owner

Sustainable Handpicking

InuaCare has a team of employees that manage the project of handpicking plants in the South of Greenland every year. It is a very gentle process where we walk out into the fells and handpick the ingredients. We preserve the plant roots. Thus, making the plants flourish again the following year.

After being collected, we bring the plants to our laboratory where they undergo test and extensive cleaning. We note on which day, where and by whom the plants have been handpicked which allows us to always identify the origin of our products.


Nine months covered in snow

Greenland is home to some of the most potent plants and herbs in the world. Surviving the rough climate and slowly growing many feet below a snow covered landscape for 9 months a year.

There is only a small window of 3 months where we can collect our ingredients in nature.

Plants are key ingredients in our products and our skincare experts have combined the active and natural ingredients in each product to ensure optimal care for your skin and hair.

Extreme Winter Survival benefits

Amazing anti- inflammatory properties

Extremely potents antioxidants

Rich on Vitamins


Labrador Tea


Greenlandic Labrador tea is an extremely potent antioxidant that helps to reduce the visible signs of aging due to high level of phenolic compounds that can help permeate through the skin barrier. The plant has anti- inflammatory properties that can reduce skin redness.
We handpick our Labrador tea in the wild and untouched nature in the South of Greenland.

3 times more active than vitamin C
Rich on Phenolic compounds that fight the appearance of fine lines
Rich on anti-inflammatory Ursolic acid that promotes collagen production

Greenlandic Juniper


Greenlandic Chamomile

Matricaria discoidea

Greenlandic Thyme


Northern Willow

Orpigaq masarsummiu


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– Skincare from the Greenlandic nature that is uniquely pure from outside pollution.

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