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Thoughts about life as an entrepreneur and co-founder of InuaCare

Thoughts about life as an entrepreneur and co-founder of InuaCare

Today is International Women's Day, and on this occasion, our team asked me to write a little about being a female entrepreneur and co-founder of InuaCare.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Denmark, actually in a family business. As a child in such a family, I mostly focused on the disadvantages of entrepreneurship, and as a 10-year-old, my biggest wish was a birthday party where the adults didn't discuss work.

Perhaps that's why I tried to suppress my own entrepreneurial urge for so many years and instead pursued a career in education, where I really thrived with good colleagues, fantastic students, and exciting responsibilities.

However, I couldn't keep my inner entrepreneurial spirit down, so I opened my own clinic in Qaqortoq and developed the first product for my own treatments. Today, that product is our bestseller known as Asiaq Extra-Care Balm. In September 2014, Pipaluk and I took the first baby steps together towards the start-up of our shared heart child, InuaCare.

I really had to compromise my own attitude towards running and creating a family business because Pipaluk is my daughter-in-law and mother of my three wonderful grandchildren. In all the years since we started InuaCare, it has proven to be a really good and wise choice that we started InuaCare together.

Good collaboration has always been the core of InuaCare. It has been important for us to collaborate with others in the areas of our business that we didn't have expertise or knowledge about so that we could concentrate on what we are passionate about and good at individually.

Pipa and I have very different strengths, and we complement each other well, and together we have been able to shape InuaCare according to the values that we think are important as human beings, women, and entrepreneurs. We have wanted to run InuaCare based on a more holistic entrepreneurial approach, and that approach to entrepreneurship is fortunately gaining ground.

Being an entrepreneur is definitely a lifestyle, and establishing a skincare brand is like having a child. Nothing less. The business requires constant attention, and you always have to have your finger on the pulse of the business, but there must be room for life alongside to ensure that the mental well-being remain intact. It is sometimes a challenge, but Pipa and I keep each other on track.

Today is International Women's Day, and it is so important that we focus on female entrepreneurs. My starting point has always been to approach everything as being completely equal with whoever I met and claim my space in the dialogue.

That is my best advice if you are reading this and want to start your own business: claim your space. My second piece of advice is: reach out to your network for help and advice because there is so much knowledge to be gained that will help you on the road to establishing your business.

If you have any questions for me or InuaCare, please don't hesitate to send an email to I would love to help others with an entrepreneurial spirit. When we stand together and inspire each other, we create the best starting point for the future and good cooperation.

Happy International Women's Day.

With love, Anne Mette

Photo: Hans-Peter Bay - F Wild Entertainment

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