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A talk with Maria Motzfeldt

A talk with Maria Motzfeldt

For InuaCare, Maria Motzfeldt is the epitome of power. She has the most positive radiance and a calmness that shines through on her social media, where we love to follow her.

We want to get to know her even better and have therefore asked her a number of questions about her daily life, life as a mother and her best beauty tips.

Would you like to tell us a little about yourself and what's going on in your life right now?
Self-care takes up a lot these days. I have been on a retreat with Sofia Manning. Had a lot of time for contemplation, time for myself, gained more clarity, focus on my values ​​and gained more inner peace.. really nice. I truly believe that inner peace gives inner beauty and with inner beauty also outer beauty and vice versa because when you do something good for yourself, it also does good for your inner self.

What I love the most in my everyday life is…
There are many things I love about my everyday life. I really like being surrounded by people I care about, my son and family, my husband and his children and in general people who give me good energy and someone I can laugh with. I like to exercise and take care of myself. Because when I feel good, I simply become a better person. I love my work very much (I also have tasks that I don’t enjoy - I don't want it to sound like everything is just perfect), but I really like what I do. I could go on - food, skincare and beauty products, licorice, ALT for damerne, audio books, music.... I really do love a lot of things.

I am driven by…
Thinking out of the box, see change, do things that make the floor move a little, good things and collaboration - I love when I meet people who lift you to something even better and you have the feeling of doing the same for others.

I am inspired by…
Loving and brutally honest people... there is also something inspiring in people who stay true to themselves and stand by what they think is right, people who treat everyone they meet with respect and don't need to belittle themselves in order to highlight themselves. 

The best and hardest thing about being a mother is…
All those worries are without a doubt the hardest part, the fear of losing, failure and bad conscience - I've spent so much unnecessary energy on it. The best thing about being a mother is the immense love you experience, I jumped completely into a bubble with my son, we have a particularly strong bond, I feel him in a very special way and then of course all the joy and fun he has added to my life.

What I wish I had known as a new mom is…
That time goes by very fast. 1-2-3 he is 14 and barely sees you. I was actually told only 3 days after giving birth to him that I needed to enjoy every moment, and I just thought “Relax, I've just had him".
Enjoy being in all the steps, because one day, you’ll miss it all (except the sleepless nights).

I wish the world had more…
More love, peace, balance and equality.

I feel most comfortable when…
I've had enough sleep, when I'm laughing, I've been outside, I've exercised, I feel well cared for and I have everyone I care about around me.

On days when I'm not feeling well, I always reach for…
My husband! Or a good friend and then I often look for wellness. I often buy skincare, vitamin pills and book appointments for massages and facials when I don't feel well. It also always helps to go to work out or go for a long walk. Licorice and ALT for damerne can also do something or cry just a little :)

The best beauty tip I ever got is…
We are bombarded with beauty tips all the time, so don't know which one is the best ever. For me, it's definitely sleep! water and good cleansing routines! And not for God's sake, but your own: sunscreeeeen!

My three favorites on my beauty shelf are…
So besides toilet paper? For that must be everyone's top favourite:)
ASIAQ is my absolute favourite, but it's not so much in the bathroom, but more in my bag and on the bedside table. I can't choose 3...I cleanse with Salik every morning and evening and cleanse with Avi mist (I just found out - fantastic), serum (I've had a few different ones, the last one I've used is from Karmameju), and then Qajaasat Facial Cream.. and eye cream - I can't choose 3. Shampoo and conditioner are also super important and my hair brush, dry brush...I don't have 3, but many and I can't list them.

A good beauty routine for me is…
To cleanse morning and night, get enough sleep and drink water.

3 fun facts about myself are…
1. I simply love the end slice of freshly baked rye bread so much that I sometimes take the whole top of the rye bread.

2. For the last 3 years I have had licorice pipe Christmas calendars and eaten them all before December 12th.

3. My son called me "amaama" (breast) and not anaana (mom) the first year.

4. Sometimes I re-hang laundry if I think that someone has done it “wrong”. 


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