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Facial care

Shop skincare with natural Greenlandic ingredients

Our facial care products is developed to deliver lots of nourishment and care for your skin. Our facial care products take care of several skin concerns, and we are always focused on developing mild products with great handpicked Greenlandic ingredients.



Shop skincare and haircare with natural Greenlandic ingredients

At InuaCare we have developed our all-time favorite haircare, that is super nourishing with handpicked wild Greenlandic herbs. Malik Care Shampoo and Ivik Care Conditioner suits all hairtypes and will bring lots of moisture and nourishment. Malik and Ivik means wave and grass in Greenlandic.

Explore our natural Greenlandic ingredients

Greenlandic Juniper


Greenlandic Chamomile

Matricaria discoidea

Greenlandic Thyme


Greenlandic Labrador tea


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