Pilutaq Deodorant

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Pilutaq Deodorant is an effective and mild deodorant that contains handpicked wild Arctic Thyme, Greenlandic Labrador tea, red algae extract and Aloe vera, that calms and protects the skin. Pilutaq Deodorant contains natural Potassium alum which helps to encapsulate odors without blocking the skin’s natural sweat production.

Directions for use: Apply daily on your underarm skin in the morning and when needed.

Ideal for all skin types.

99 % natural ingredients

50 ml.


Aqua: Water, carrier

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract*: Aloe vera extract, hydrating 

Potassium Alum: Mineral salt crystal for encapsulating odors

Zea Mays Starch*: Plant extract, absorbent ingredient

Glycerin*: Softening 

Cocos Nucifera Oil*: Coconut oil, softening 

Glyceryl Stearate Citrate: Emulsifier, softening 

Cetearyl Alcohol: Fatty alcohol, softening 

Sodium Levulinate: Softening

Chondrus Crispus Powder: Algae extract 

Allantoin: Calming 

Thymus Praecox Extract**: Greenlandic Thyme

Ledum Groenlandicum Extract**: Greenlandic Labrador tea




Sodium Hydroxide: pH regulatory

Potassium Sorbate: Preservative

Nourishing ingredients in Pilutaq Deodorant

Aloe Vera: Moisturizing - calming

Glycerin*: Moisturizing 

Coconut oil: Softening - moisturizing 

Allantoin: Calming - moisturizing

Greenlandic ingredients in the product

Greenlandic Thyme: Calming - smoothes fine lines - evens out skin tone

Greenlandic Labrador Tea: Smoothes fine lines - reduces redness - increases skin elasticity

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