Are you interested to see a list of our retailers? We sell all of our natural skincare products on this website. If you want to try them in a shop, please see a list of our retailers below.

Ittukasiup Aqqutaa 10
3911 Sisimiut
tlf: 587896

Pilersuisoq / Duty free
Kangerlussuaq lufthavn
3910 Kangerlussuaq

H.j.rinkip Aqqutaa 5
3900 Nuuk
tlf: 562220

Kop og Kande
Imaneq 1
3900 Nuuk
tlf: 312525

Tupilak Travel
Imaneq 18
3900 Nuuk
tlf: 313218

InuaCare butik 
Tassuunaaqqunnerit Tamaasa B18
3920 Qaqortoq

Hotel Aurora
Nuukullak 32, 1tv
3900 Nuuk

InuaCare Hong Kong

Do you have any questions regarding our retailers?

For sales and retails, customer service or any other enquiries regarding Denmark or international, please contact InuaCare:

InuaCare World ApS
CVR: 40594469

Galoche Alle 15
4600 Køge

For sales and retails, customer service or any other enquiries regarding Greenland, please contact InuaCare:

InuaCare ApS
CVR: 40127224

Find our shop in Greenland:

Storesøvej 782
3920 Qaqortoq

About InuaCare

At InuaCare we want you to experience the benefits of luxury skincare products with active ingredients and handpicked Greenlandic herbs. We have carefully chosen every ingredient in all our products, in order to develop highly nourishing and nurturing products.

We handpick all of our wild Greenlandic herbs ourselves with close attention to doing it in a sustainable way.

Read more about InuaCare’s history, philosophy, production and sourcing here:


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