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About InuaCare

InuaCare is a Greenlandic skincare brand with wild handpicked Greenlandic plants and herbs. All formulations are mild, and are developed with natural ingredients.

At InuaCare we want to give you a taste of the fantastically beautiful and untouched Greenlandic nature within your skincare ritual.

About InuaCare

This is about the story behind InuaCare

Greenlandic iceberg

Once upon a time…

Greenland was mostly known as a vast island in the High North, covered in snow and ice. It still is, featuring an almost unreal, pure and clean environment with exceptionally few people to affect the local nature directly. EVERY DAY the inhabitants would defy the harsh climate and benefit from the wild fauna and flora that still manages to thrive here.

One day, the ancient Inuit people learned that the lush, coastal vegetation that gave the island its name was especially potent. A natural selection process where plants and herbs grows slowly beneath the cold surface – until they for a brief moment flourish, allowing for careful handpicking by the Inuit people.

Because of that, the Inuit would use extracts from the unique plants and herbs to develop a special care for their hair and skin that could withstand the tough conditions of living a life outdoors.

Many centuries later…

…entrepreneurial minds found a way to recreate the formula into premium, organic and natural hair- and skin care products. A formula that fitted the growing consumer appetite for alternative and more sustainable personal care brands. A product based in the pure, clean environment that is still to be found in Greenland where only few people live and many areas are still untouched by man.

UNTIL FINALLY InuaCare became established as a leading brand to preserve the natural beauty of its customers by finding Inua – the unique use of Greenland nature itself as a way to preserve your natural self and thereby avoiding all harmful additives.

If you want to know more about InuaCare, scroll down this page.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy at InuaCare is about obtaining and preserving natural beauty and health. Our mission is to preserve and protect natural beauty and health by employing the unique nature of Greenland. InuaCare believes that it is not just about looking better anymore. It is about feeling better as your skin can also be seen as a mirror to your true health.

We bring a unique opportunity for customers to not only feel but become revitalized every day. Living in today’s modern society, meeting high physical and mental demands, calls for more robust natural care than we’ve seen before.

InuaCare is that care.

Our production

We specialize in making our own natural and effective plant extracts based on our handpicked plants and herbs from the wild and untouched Greenlandic nature.

We create the extracts in our laboratory in Qaqortoq in South Greenland on amazing customized and handcrafted copper stills.

The plants are key ingredients in all of our skin- and haircare products. Each plant has been carefully selected and combined with other active ingredients in our products.

Read more about our greenlandic key-ingredients here

Our sustainable sourcing

As a Greenlandic skincare brand, nature and its sustained resources are really important to us. We work with the flow of the wild nature to handpick our plants and herbs in the South of Greenland.

InuaCare has a team of employees that manage the project of handpicking plants in the South of Greenland every year. It is a very gentle process where we walk out into the fells and handpick the ingredients. We preserve the plant roots. Thus, making the plants flourish again the following year.

After being collected, we bring the plants to our laboratory where they undergo test and extensive cleaning. We have very strict requirements for the quality of the plants to make sure that we use the best ingredients in our skincare.  InuaCare is all about preserving nature and keeping the quality of our products high.

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